White Paper

Rise of the phishing kits

The “Democratization” of phishing worldwide

Phishing attacks worldwide have worsened due to a recent development in cybercrime—phishing kits. These kits, designed for launching devastating phishing attacks, are inexpensive and easily accessible in the underground economy, available to anyone who wants to acquire them.

Our whitepaper addresses the urgent need to understand this evolving threat landscape. We explore how phishing kits have transformed the phishing landscape by removing the technical skillset barrier that previously limited the number of potential attackers. With a lower threshold now in place, the increase in bad actors launching phishing attacks is responsible for the exploding number of reported attacks worldwide.

Within the pages of our whitepaper, you will discover:

  • The anatomy of a phishing kit: We break down the composition of these kits into categories, including installation/documentation resources, front-end files, and back-end scripts responsible for data exfiltration and cloaking techniques.
  • Insights into the rise of phishing kits: Understand how these kits have become a turnkey solution for cybercriminals, enabling them to launch attacks with ease.
  • The cost of phishing: Learn why phishing attacks represent the costliest type of data breach and the implications for businesses and individuals.
  • Ermes Browser Security: Discover how our cutting-edge solution prioritizes intelligence gathering and detection for phishing attacks, leveraging a unique and proprietary dataset containing tens of thousands of phishing kits.

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